Healthy Eating on a Budget with Mitun Dada Cheto of Eat to Live Lifestyle


“This healthy eating thing, I would love to give it a try but it’s pretty expensive. I don’t think I can keep up.” At some point, this words may have been muttered even unconsciously by people considering switching to a healthy lifestyle. However, recently I found out, this may just be a myth.

A lifestyle is basically the way a person lives and a healthy lifestyle on the other hand would be the steps and actions you take to achieve optimum health as you live, some of which include healthy eating, being physically active, getting adequate rest, managing stress etc.

In this video interview, Stephanie Nyong asks Mitun Dada Cheto of the Eat to Live Lifestyle Abuja key questions about healthy eating-not just eating healthy but doing it on a budget because cost definitely seems to be a deciding factor for anyone who is considering this switch. She also tells us more about how to achieve healthy eating on a budget, how to prepare meals properly, why healthy eating is becoming increasingly important and then she goes ahead to show us some healthy meals including snacks…pretty interesting

Watch the video below

Healthy Eating on a Budget with Mitun Dada Cheto of Eat to Live Lifestyle Abuja

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