Simple workout rules for building your perfect body


A perfect figure/body would mean different things to different people. For some it is building more muscles and for some others its simply having a flatter abdomen or bigger butts-mainly for beauty and cosmetic reasons.

Just like Mr Mayokun Okunnu asked Stephanie Nyong in the interview, we are asking you too; “what is your idea of a perfect figure/body?”

Whatever it may be, your goals can be achieved with the right workout routine and a healthy lifestyle.

In this interview session, Mr Mayokun goes on to teach steps you can take to achieve your body goals the healthy way. Topics covered include; Exercises/workouts for bigger butts, firmer arms and a flat abdomen, Reasons why people do not get their desired results from their workout plans, diet/portion control and simple rules to getting your perfect body. Interesting…right? Watch the preview clip below.

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