Can you get a STD from a Toilet Seat?


If you have ever needed to share toilets, especially in public places when you felt really pressed and this issue came to mind, you are not alone. You were scared but you did it anyway hoping and praying the worst doesn’t happen. You didn’t have a choice but is this really possible?

Sharing a toilet seat will not cause an individual to get a sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). The first reason will be the fact that STD’s are transmitted through sexual contact- be it vaginal, anal or oral sex. The other reason will be that; the organisms responsible for this group of diseases can only survive outside the human body for a short period of time and this includes toilet seats. I once read an article which said the reason this rumor has made it so far is because it happens to be the perfect excuse for unfaithful partners who never want to take the blame. How mischievous can one get? I found it really funny though. However, I couldn’t agree more.

Transmitting an STD to a partner has always had ugly consequences -In fact, a lot of relationships have literally come to an end as a result of this . The relationship is all good and sweet until one person is infected.

To be safe, some partners resort to having an STD test at the start of a relationship. This is good but I’ll say many people still need to take it a step further by having routine STD Testing. This again here is another huge problem. This is the part where trust comes to play in relationships. You may be totally faithful to your partner but what if your partner isn’t? Have you thought of that? You may want to create a schedule for regular routine testing with your partner.

In this video below, Dr Dolamu Jawando of Firmcare Diagnostics, Abuja talked about the difference between STD’s and what people would often refer to as Toilet infections in an interview with Stephanie Nyong . I say this because it isn’t called toilet infection in the real sense. What is it called then? Watch the video to learn more.

To learn more about STD’s: Myths, Prevention and Testing, watch the complete interview below. You can also check below to see the list of questions asked and the time in which they were answered in the video.

What is the difference between STD’s and STI’s? 0:12

Are women at higher risk of STD’s and why? 01:54

Can STD’s be transmitted through oral sex? 02:47

How do you differentiate between and STD and other infections? 03:51

Does having a white blood cell count mean an individual has a STD? 04:38

How effective are condoms in preventing STD’s? 05:23

How can an individual with an unfaithful partner prevent STD’s? 06:42

Does not shaving completely help in preventing STD’s? 07:31

Can STD’s be resistant to treatment? 08:30

Will an untreated STD cause infertility? 12:05

What are the testing options available? 13:20

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