For Ten Thousand Dollars$: Consequences of an Unintended Office Romance. Ep 3


I closed really early from work and I guess you know why. I had to go get ready for my date with Deji, the new CEO.

I rushed home immediately and as soon as I got into the house I started searching for Ladi. I seriously hoped she hadn’t gone out on one of her mystery shoping adventures.

‘Ladi’ I called repeatedly as I searched through the parlour , bathroom and both rooms.

‘I’m here Cleo and why are you screaming my name like that?’

‘Where’ I asked

‘The kitchen’ she screamed.

‘Hi darling how did your day go?’ I asked her as I touched her hair.

‘Who’s your darling?’ Leave me jor’ she jokingly said as she packed the last set of Plantain she was frying from the frypan.

‘Just allow me eat this food first. Truth be told, I can’t see you. You should let me eat first if you want me to pay any attention to whatever you have to say’ she laughed.

‘That won’t work’ I replied as I took the plate from her hands. ‘I have a date in few hours and I need you to help me get all glammed up. You know how you always do it.’ I said winking to her.

Hahahaha are you serious? A date with the CEO? This is happening quicker than i expected. You had this thing in you you were just pretending she teased me

You need to tell me how all this happened she said as she walked me to the room leaving her plate of food behind.

‘I thought you were hungry Ladi’

‘Calm down. You know I can always eat later’ she laughed

I think you should wear the glittering red dress we bought at the shop that day she said as she went through the bag of clothes we bought very quickly.

‘Yes here it is’ she said as she handed the dress to me

‘This’ I shouted. ‘No I cant wear this’

So why did you buy it? Abi where you blindfolded when you bought it. Wear it jor she said as she threw it in my face.

The back is all open Ladi.

Oh really. I had no idea. We should have gotten a high neck dress she replied in sacarsm.

Go and have your bath quickly. We need to start your makeup. It will take me about an hour to finish your makeup. The earlier you start the better

Two hours Ladi? That’s a long time.

Yes it is a long time prepping you to steal the heart of the CEO of Lancast. It’s worth it Cleo. I assure you when I’m done you wouldn’t even recognise yourself.

‘Oh yea. You don’t say ‘ I replied smiling and rushing into the bathroom.

In about 10 minutes I was out. Don’t even say that was quick. I usually spend about 5 minutes in total. So, I think I deserve some credit this time.

‘I’m ready Ladi can we start the makeup.’

I watched Ladi as she carefully applied makeup allover my face. In few minutes, I could see myself transform and I was in awe. I couldn’t believe who I saw in the mirror after about an hour.

I quickly wore my dress and shoes as I Ladi tried to put the finishing touch. While she was doing this, I heard my phone beep from a text message that had just dropped.

It was Deji saying he was waiting patiently at the restaurant and that he couldn’t wait to see me.

‘Ladi its OK. Hes waiting already’ I said as I gently pushed her hands away from my face.

‘Come here’ she said as she drew me back. I am not done.

What else Ladi? I’m serious I need to go.

OK she said rather dissapointed.

I am grateful Ladi I said holding her hands to make her feel better. I appreciate all you have done. I can barely recognise myself in the mirror. You are an amzing friend. I appreciate everything but I have to leave now. Thank you again Ladi.

‘see you soon baby’ she said smiling.

I grabbed my purse and rushed out. I got to the restaurant in about 15 minutes. There was little traffic, less than what i envisioned. Lagos is becoming better I smiled as I came down from the car.

As soon as I got in the restaurant, my eyes met his immediately. He was so charming you couldn’t miss him for anything.

‘Over here Cleo’ he waved.

I walked gently in my new heels trying very hard not to miss a step. I couldn’t remember when last I wore one. Maybe for prom night in secondary school, not quite sure.

He stood up and pulled out a chair for me to sit. ‘What a gentleman you are’ I teased him.

You can’t be serious he smiled. There’s no man on the planet more gentle than I am.

‘You can say that again’ I laughed out loud.

The joke was over and the atmosphere switched up immediately.

Danielle you are beautiful. How come I never noticed the first day I saw you. I guess I was more interested in seeing the brain behind the amazing copies making us good money.

‘Thanks for the kind words Mr Deji. I appreciate’. If only he knew the sudden change was as a result of going into a bet. Poor guy! Anyways I was enjoying the new version of myself.

So, are you dating or engaged?

Oh my! Did he just ask about my relationship status? This is going to be way easier than I ever imagined.

‘No I am not’ I replied

Hmmm Interesting. Forgive my manners. I need to order us some drinks. I usually forget my manners whenever I am in the company of a girl as beautiful as you.

Oh yea I replied blushing

The waiter came in quickly and I made my order. A special order with a glass of Margarita.

We kept on talking and the conversation got more interesting as I laughed uncontrollably. Was he that funny or the effect of the Margarita had started kicking in. I was on the third glass and my eyes gradually began to close.

I heard him say that’s enough Cleo. I should take you home.

No I am fine I replied as I stood up to dance joining the group salsa .

My head was banging seriously as I struggled to open my eyes.

Oh whats the time I asked myself as I turned in the bed.

Its 9:30 I heard a masculine voice reply.

Who was that I jumped

Calm down Cleo its me. You got tipsy and couldn’t give me the right directions to your house so i brought you to my home.

You did what? I asked as I consciously looked through the presidential suite of a room. This is home and not a hotel really. I had never slept in a room this beautiful I thought to myself.

Suddenly, I felt my body bare and decided to look in the duvet. My clothes were off. ‘Deji’ I screamed.

Yes what is it? When you came in, you were dead drunk and threw up. So, I decided to …

Take advantage of me? I shouted not wanting to hear the remaining part of the story. I can’t believe this

I stood up searching for my dress. Its over there he pointed.

My dress was all soaked and smelling.

You can have this he said as he stretched a black dress to me.

It was a nice dress , my perfect size. So does he just keep dresses for any girl who comes in drunk I thought. Just as if he heard me, he replied. Its for my sister, Dara. She’s not in the country. You don’t have to bother about getting caught.

I ignored him and rushed out. I called Ladi immediately telling her of the situation. She advised that I get an emergency birth control. I decided to change my route and visit the pharmacy before going to work.

Just as I got to the Pharmacy, I got a call from the office that the chairman had been waiting to see me for close to 2 hours.

Can today get any worse? I asked myself as I reversed the car and headed straight to the office.

What sort of unfortunate bet did I get myself into? I asked myself again.

I hope you’ve had a nice read so far.

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