Reasons why you shouldn’t consider skin lightening with Dr Hilda Titiloye


Toning and bleaching are completely different things and shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence says Dr Hilda Ashio Titiloye of Skin 101 Clinic, Abuja.

She thinks people just look for things that sound nicer and more forgiving to cover up for their indulgence. I couldn’t agree more being that I get into conversations with people almost everyday on this same topic.

The meaning and effects of these two terms; Skin Toning and Bleaching associated with beauty continues to be a controversial issue. For some they mean two different things with one being better than the other and then the others who think they mean the same thing bearing the same consequences.

Perharps you fall into any of these categories I just mentioned, I promise you are about to find out the real truth about these two terms in the interview I had with Dr Hilda Ashio Titiloye, a beauty and skincare expert who happens to be the Clinic Director of Abuja’s most preferred Skincare Clinic, Skin 101 Abuja.

In the video below, she explains these two terms in details including its differences and examples. She goes on further to talk about the long-term effects of skin lightening as well as Natural or Over-the-counter alternatives. Trust me when I say she didn’t leave out any important information as we also talked about a very sensitive issue; the reason why an increasing number of ladies consider skin lightening nowadays and possible solutions. I’m not about to tell you what it is. You will have to find out yourself.

Click the video below to watch this interesting and eye-opening interview.

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