6 very unhealthy methods for weight loss. if you engage in any of these, you should stop


I believe you have a reason why you want to lose weight. Everyone does! Whether it’s to have a better health, that lit summer body or to look hot for your partner or spouse, it’s not enough reason reason to engage in unhealthy methods of weight loss.

I know you may have gone into any of the methods listed below innocently and it’s okay.

After reading this article, you will be more knowledgeable about the dangers of these methods and healthier option.

Below are 6 unhealthy ways of losing weight.

Let’s start…

1. Going on a juice cleanse

Juice cleanse

Deciding to go on a juice cleanse without food for weight loss is one that a lot of people see as a quick fix.

In as much as this may help you shed some weight, it is not advisable for long periods.

Taking juices alone is capable of increasing your blood sugar levels because you will be depriving yourself of other macronutrients to moderate your sugar levels.

In response to increased sugar levels, your body will be producing more insulin to reduce blood sugar levels and this may make you feel dizzy and lightheaded most times.

You will agree with me that it is also impossible to go on a juice cleanse for a very long time. YOU CAN’T! So what happens when you stop?

You jump back on your usual diet and gain up all the weight you just lost.

Starting with a juice cleanse and going on afterwards to adjust to healthy lifestyles like eating healthy, increasing physical activity and controlling your portions can help maintain your new weight and also further weight loss.

2. Skipping your meals

Skipping meals to lose weight

We all have believed at some point that eating too much food will cause weight gain and as a result you decide to not eat for a while and then expect to see drastic weight loss.

You know why this may not work? It is because starving yourself will cause you to be more hungry and overeat later.

This method also has the tendency to slow down your metabolism. Don’t forget your body uses food as fuel

It is better to reduce your portion size and choose regular times during the day to eat. Overtime your body gets used to the process and you will most likely get hungry only at these times.

3. Cutting your calorie intake excessively

Cutting calories excessively to lose weight

Again, the issue of food and nutrition comes up. I’ll repeat again that the body is able to function effectively with fuel from food. Cutting down your calories is effective for weight loss but you do not want to overdo it. Women need at least 1200 calories to function effectively. Make sure when cutting down calories you get the minimum requirements your body needs to function.

Do not also forget you may need to back up your nutrition plan with excercise. Not having enough energy from food will ruin your efforts on excercise. You may not have the strength to engage in excercises

4. Engaging in excessive excercise

Engaging in excessive excercise to lose weight

Speaking about exercises earlier, I talked about eating right to enable you have the energy you need for workouts.

The fact that workouts combined with nutrition can help greatly for weight loss is not a good enough reason to engage in excess of it.

This can make you very hungry and cause you to eat more afterwards. Remember, that’s what we are trying to avoid.Take your time. It’s a process.

5. Patronizing quick weight loss products

Patronizing quick weight loss products

Just when we think we have seen it all, someone comes up with another quick fix.

‘Lose belly fat in 5 days’ ‘Lose 20kg in 2 days’

If it was that quick an easy, there wouldn’t be too many people struggling with overweight

Weight loss is a journey. Take little steps and trust the process.

6. Switching to diet sodas instead of the regular types

Replacing regular sodas with diet sodas

I will like to have soda. Can I have the diet option please?

Are you guilty of this?

You want to know the truth? These sodas still contain artificial sweeteners known to contribute to weight.

So, maybe you should take a break!

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