Letting my guards down; Confessions of a pastor’s daughter- Ep 5


Abeni I cant believe all you have said. Tell me this is a huge lie.

Daddy it is true please forgive me I didnt have much of a choice.

I had barely finished the statement before I got a resounding slap from my mother.

Mummy I screamedand right about the same time I got the second slap which shut me up completely.

What do you mean you didnt have much of a choice you this spoilt child.

We sold 2 plots of land when you got the scholarship from the church to go study in the UK. I sold my car amongst other things to make sure you graduated from law school. How on earth did you ever think we would have been unable to send you money for your hospital bills. Now you blame it on the fact that you felt that was the only way you were going to pay him back for all the help he rendered. You are just a pathetic liar Abeni.

I was mute maybe because I couldnt believe my mother just gave me 2 dirty slaps in less than 5 seconds or because my dad had still not said a word. I didnt know what to expect.

Still on my knees with both hands over my mouth and tears rolling down my eyes uncontrollably I waited patiently to hear my dad speak.

Abeni Abeni Abeni dad called three times. You have disappointed me.

Here I was working very hard making endless sacrifices for you and your sister to have the best in life and you dare say you gave your body to a guy in return for the help he rendered. How dare you!

Where did all the morals I and your mum taught you go?

You were in charge of the teenagers fellowship before you left for the UK. You taught them morals and you preached passionately. The few times you came home you preached at the youth church teaching them about sex, dating and relationships

So you were pretending and lying to yourself and the body of Christ.

Oh my God I still can’t believe this.

Abeniiiiiiiiii he screamedYou are a disgrace

Haaaa this girl ooooooo my mum shouted at the top of her voice shaking both legs simultaneously and holding herself firmly with both hands.

Hmmm she sighed heavily

So wait a minute you said the test was negative abi

Yes mummy I replied with my hands over my face trying to avoid the next slap. I didnt want to be taken unaware again.

How are we sure the test was negative. You will follow me now to the hospital she said as she pulled my hands from my face twisted them and started pulling me on the floor

Sweetheart take it easy please my dad said to my mum trying to lose the grip she had on my hands and pulled her close to him.

My love please take it easy. I dont want you to get yourself worked up. I’ll take care of the situation trust me darling.

Ok, so Im the bad one here isnt it? You are the cause of all these problems. You never see anything these girls do as wrong. I’m trying to help the situation to avoid her causing us any further embarrassment but No you always think you know everything. Ok. Take care of the situation as usual. Saviour of the family

I could feel the anger and tension in the air. My mother was beginning to take it all out on my dad. I became more confused because all this was happening because of me. My parents hardly ever had any misunderstanding and even if they did it was never in our presence.

My dad moved closer to my mum. Sweetheart you are misunderstanding the whole thing. I care about you more than anyone and you know that. I want to take responsibility for all of these. I just need you to be calm sweetheart. I love my children and whatever I do or say is not taking sides with them but trying to make them better. Being violent with the children will never solve the situation. You are hypertensive and things like this will only cause more complications. Take it easy my love my dad said as he wiped her face and held her to sit.

Abeni I am going to ask you a question and please please and please tell me the truth. Ok daddy I replied with a shaky voice.

How many times did this happen?

Oh my! I sure wasnt expecting a question like this. They were both looking at me directly in my eyes. Just once I replied almost immediately.

Are you sure?

Yes dad I am

Ok he replied.

Does your sister know about this?

What was I supposed to say now I thought to myself.

My sister walked in on me and the Dr when I had my cervical screening and my cervix was clearly shown on the screen that I needed treatment.

She was never going to cooporate with me if my dad asked her.

If I say yes it complicates the issue because ill have to explain how. My parents were never aware I had the cervical screening test not to talk of the need for treatment. This had to be the worse day of my life.

Abeni answer me now

Ehmmmm daddy I.

Kunbi..he called out.

My sister appeared almost immediately.

Kunbi are you aware that Abeni your younger sister has been.

Yes daddy I am she replied without even waiting to hear the question.

I walked in on her while she was discussing treatment for the changes on her cervix with Dr Adaeze after having a cervical screening test.

What! my parents shouted.

Abeni you need treatment for what?

You have cervical cancer!

No daddy I just have some mild changes that can be treated. It is not cervical cancer.

Jesus my mum screamed with both hands on her head.

Kunbi you are a disappointment as well. You knew all these but never said a word. Both of you get out of this room right now before I lose my patience.

Daddy I wanted to

Shut up and get out both of you he shouted at the top of his voice as he held my mother closely who was now breathing heavily like she was about to pass out. We quickly ran out of the room pushing each other as we tried to get out real fast to avoid the wrath of my father

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